Course: MATH 32B, Calculus of Several Variables, Lecture 3, Winter 2015
Prerequisite: MATH 31B and MATH 32A, with grades of C- or better..
Course Content: Introduction to integral calculus of several variables, line and surface integrals.
Syllabus: Here.
Last update: 25 February 2015

Instructor: Steven Heilman, heilman(@-symbol)
Office Hours: Mondays, 10AM-12PM, Wednesdays, 1PM-2PM, MS 7370
Lecture Meeting Time/Location: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 2PM-250PM, Rolfe 1200
TA: Ohrt, C. J., cohrt(@-symbola); Shani, A., assafshani(@-symbol); Keneda, J., jkeneda(@-symbol)
TA Office Hours: Ohrt: Tuesdays 12PM-1PM, Thursdays 3PM-4PM, MS 3915E; Keneda: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11AM-12PM, MS 2951; Shani: Thursdays 3PM-4PM, MS 2344
Discussion Session Meeting Time/Location:

Required Textbook: J. Rogawski, Multivariable Calculus, Second Edition, W.H. Freeman & Co.
Other Textbooks (not required): Calculus, Thomas
First Midterm: Monday, January 26th, 2PM-250PM. If your last name begins with the letter A through O, come to Rolfe 1200. If your last name begins with the letter P through Z, come to Haines 118.
Second Midterm: Friday, February 27th, 2PM-250PM, Broad 2160E
Final Exam: March 20, 3PM-6PM, Broad 2160E
The Student Math Center in MS 3974 offers group study and tutorials. See their schedule here.
Other Resources: Applets by Flash&Math, Applets from Monroe CC with activities, Applets from wordpress
Email Policy: Exam Procedures: Students must bring their UCLA ID cards to the midterms and to the final exam. Phones must be turned off. Cheating on an exam results in a score of zero on that exam. Exams can be regraded at most 15 days after the date of the exam.
Exam Resources: Here is a page containing old exams for a similar multivariable course. (Exams 3A,3B,4A,4C are most relevant.) Here is another page containing old exams for a similar multivariable course. (Here I would recommend the Spring 2001 Midterm Exam 2, which should correspond closely to our second exam.) Also, for our second exam, try out this exam, (problems 2 through 9); see also this exam with solutions (and maybe skip Question 8). For the final exam, here is a page containing several practice finals with solutions. Occasionally these exams will cover slightly different material than this class, or the material will be in a slightly different order, but generally, the concepts should be close if not identical.

Homework Policy: Quiz Policy Grading Policy:

Tentative Schedule: (This schedule may change slightly during the course.)

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1Jan 5: 16.1, Integrals in two variables Jan 7: 16.2, Integrals over general regionsJan 8 Jan 9: Homework 1 due. 16.3, 12.3, Polar coordinates
2Jan 12: 16.4, 13.7, Integrals in polar coordinates Quiz in section Jan 14: 16.2, 16.3, Triple integralsQuiz in section Jan 16: Homework 2 (ungraded). 16.4, Cylindrical and spherical coordinates
3 Jan 19: No class Jan 21: 16.5, Applications of multiple integrals Jan 22 Jan 23: Homework 3 due, 16.6, Change of variables
4 Jan 26: Midterm #1 Jan 28: 16.6, Change of vars, 17.1, Vector FieldsJan 29 Jan 30: Homework 4 due. 17.2, Scalar line integrals
5Feb 2: 17.2, Vector line integrals Feb 4: 17.3, Conservative Vector FieldsFeb 5 Feb 6: Homework 5 due. 17.3, Conservative Vector Fields
6Feb 9: 17.4, Parametric SurfacesQuiz in sectionFeb 11: 17.4, Surface Area, Surface IntegralsQuiz in SectionFeb 13: Homework 6 (ungraded). 17.5, Surface Integrals of Vector Fields
7Feb 16: No class Feb 18: 18.1, Green's TheoremFeb 19Feb 20: Homework 7 due, 18.1, Green's Theorem
8Feb 23: 18.2, Stokes' Theorem Feb 25: 18.2, Stokes' Theorem Feb 26 Feb 27: No homework due. Midterm #2
9Mar 2: 18.2, 18.3, Stokes' Theorem, Divergence Theorem Mar 4: 18.3, Divergence TheoremMar 5 Mar 6: Homework 8 due. 18.3, Divergence Theorem
10Mar 9: Leeway/review Mar 11: Leeway/reviewMar 12Mar 13: Homework 9 due. Review of course

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