Course: MATH 31B, Integration and Infinite Series, Lecture 3, Spring 2015
Prerequisite: MATH 31A, with a grade of C- or better.
Course Content: Transcendental functions (such as the exponential and logarithm functions); methods and applications of integration; sequences and series.
Syllabus: here. Last update: 11 May 2015
Instructor: Steven Heilman, heilman(@-symbol)
Office Hours: Mondays, 9AM-111AM, Wednesdays 1PM-2PM, MS 7370
Lecture Meeting Time/Location: Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 3PM-350PM, MS 4000A
TA: , Iyer, G. S., geoff.iyer(@-symbol); Coley, I. A., iacoley(@-symbol); Barnicle, M. G., barnicle(@-symbol)
TA Office Hours:Iyer, Thursdays 2PM-3PM, MS 6160; Coley, Thursdays 1130AM-1230PM, MS 3903; Barnicle, Thursdays 10AM-11AM, MS 2954
Discussion Session Meeting Time/Location:

Required Textbook: J. Rogawski, Single Variable Calculus, Second Edition, W.H. Freeman & Co.
Other Textbooks (not required): Calculus, Thomas. Calculus, Strang
First Midterm: April 20, 3PM-350PM. Last names A though Ka: Bunche 1209B. Last names Kh through Z: MS 4000A
Second Midterm: May 11, 3PM-350PM. Last names A through Ka: Bunche 1209B. Last names Kh through Z: MS 4000A
Final Exam: June 8, 630PM-930PM, Ackerman Grand Ballroom
The Student Math Center in MS 3974 offers group study and tutorials. See their schedule here.
Other Resources: Applets by Flash&Math
Email Policy: Exam Procedures: Students must bring their UCLA ID cards to the midterms and to the final exam. Phones must be turned off. Cheating on an exam results in a score of zero on that exam. Exams can be regraded at most 15 days after the date of the exam. If you are an OSD student, I would encourage you to discuss with me ways that I can improve your learning experience; I would also encourage you to contact the OSD office to confirm your exam arrangements at the beginning of the quarter.
Exam Resources: Here is a page containing old exams for another 31B class. Here is another page containing old exams for another 31B class. Note that the material on the particular exams may be slightly different than our own exams.

Homework Policy: Quiz Policy Grading Policy:

Tentative Schedule: (This schedule may change slightly during the course.)

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Mar 30: 7.1, Derivatives of exponential functions Apr 1: 7.2, Inverse functions Apr 3: Homework 1 due. 7.3, Logarithms and their derivatives
2Apr 6: 7.4, Exponential growth and decayQuiz in sectionApr 8: 7.5-7.6, Compound interest, logistic growthQuiz in section Apr 10: Homework 2 (ungraded). 7.7, L'Hopital's Rule
3Apr 13: 8.1, Integration by parts Apr 15: 8.2,8.3, Trigonometric integrals, trigonometric substitution Apr 17: Homework 3 due. 8.5, Method of partial fractions
4 Apr 20: Midterm #1 Apr 22: 8.6, Improper integrals Apr 24: Homework 4 due. 8.8, Numerical integration
5 Apr 27: 8.8, Error bounds for numerical integral Apr 29: 9.1, Arc length May 1: Homework 5 due. 9.2, Fluid pressure and force
6 May 4: 9.4, Taylor polynomialsMay 6: 9.4, Taylor's Theorem, error boundsMay 8: Homework 6 due, 11.1, Sequences and Infinite Series
7May 11: Midterm #2 May 13: 11.2, Infinite Series May 15: Homework 7 due, 11.2, More Infinite Series
8May 18: 11.3, Convergence of series with positive termsQuiz in section May 20: 11.4, Conditional ConvergenceQuiz in section May 22: Homework 8 (ungraded). 11.5, Ratio and root tests
9May 25: No class May 27: 11.6, Power Series May 29: Homework 9 due. 11.6, More Power Series
10Jun 1: 11.7, Taylor Series Jun 3: 11.7, More Taylor Series Jun 5: Homework 10 due. Review of course

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