Course: Math 118, Fundamental Principles of Calculus, Fall 2018, Section 39441
Prerequisite: Math 108 or Math 117 or Placement exam in Math.
Course Content: Derivatives; extrema. Definite integral; fundamental theorem of calculus. Extrema and definite integrals for functions of several variables. Not available for credit toward a degree in mathematics.
Syllabus: here. Last update: 19 September 2018

Instructor: Steven Heilman, stevenmheilman(@-symbol)
Office Hours: Mondays, 11AM-12PM, 1PM-230PM, KAP 406G
Lecture Meeting Time/Location: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 12PM-1250PM, SOS B46
TA: Mengsha Yao, mengshay(@-symbol)
Discussion Section Meeting Time/Location:

TA Office Hours: Occur in the Math Center
You are not required to buy a textbook. Free lecture notes are provided below. However, you are required to access wileyplus in order to complete online homework assignments. If you buy a textbook, make sure it comes with an access code. If you do not buy a textbook, you can purchase access to wileyplus separately. Access to wileyplus includes access to a (non-downloadable) online version of the course textbook; everyone will have a 14 day free trial for wileyplus at the beginning of the semester. Once you have your access code, you can input it to your online homework assignment in blackboard
Recommended Textbook: Hughes-Halett, Applied Calculus, any edition. The usual Hughes-Halett textbook for this course is a custom USC edition that is not sold on Amazon. The USC edition has some material that does not appear in the version sold on Amazon, but this extra material also appears in our freely available lecture notes.

First Midterm: Monday, September 24, 12PM-1250PM, SOS B46
Second Midterm: Friday, November 2, 12PM-1250PM, SOS B46
Final Exam: Wednesday, December 5, 2PM-4PM, THH 202.
Other Resources: The Math Center is located in 263 KAP and is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 7pm on most days. It is primarily run by math graduate students here at USC.
Email Policy: Exam Procedures: Students must bring their USCID cards to the midterms and to the final exam. Phones must be turned off. Cheating on an exam results in a score of zero on that exam. Exams can be regraded at most 15 days after the date of the exam. This policy extends to homeworks as well. All students are expected to be familiar with the USC Student Conduct Code. (See also here.)
Disability Services: If you are registered with disability services, I would be happy to discuss this at the beginning of the course. Any student requesting accommodations based on a disability is required to register with Disability Services and Programs (DSP) each semester. A letter of verification for approved accommodations can be obtained from DSP. Please be sure the letter is delivered to me as early in the semester as possible. DSP is located in 301 STU and is open 8:30am-5:00pm, Monday through Friday.
213-740-0776 (phone)
213-740-6948 (TDD only)
213-740-8216 (fax)
Exam Resources: Here is a page containing some old calculus exams. Here is another page containing old calculus exams. Here is a page containing final exams for Math 118 at USC. Solutions to the latest two 118 finals are here and here. Occasionally these exams will cover slightly different material than this class, or the material will be in a slightly different order, but generally, the concepts should be close. (Even the old Math 118 exams have different material than the current 118 class.)

Homework Policy: Quiz Policy Grading Policy:

Tentative Schedule: (This schedule may change slightly during the course.)

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1 Aug 20: Introduction, The Calculus Paradigm Aug 21 Aug 22: 1.1, 2.1, Limit Laws, Continuity Aug 23: Quiz in Section (based on Q1). Read the Syllabus Aug 24: 2.1, Evaluating Limits
2 Aug 27: 2.1, Intermediate Value Theorem Aug 28: Online Homework 1 due Aug 29: 2.1, Derivatives Aug 30: Quiz in Section (based on Q2) Aug 31: 2.2, 2.3, 3.1, Derivative as a Function
3 Sep 3: No class (Labor Day) Sep 4: Online Homework 2 due Sep 5: 3.4, Product and Quotient Rule Sep 6: Quiz in Section (based on Q3) Sep 7: 3.3, Chain Rule
4 Sep 10: 2.4, Higher Derivatives Sep 11: Online Homework 3 due Sep 12: 3.2, Exponential Functions Sep 13: Quiz in Section (based on Q4) Sep 14: 3.2, Inverse Functions
5 Sep 17: 3.2, Logarithmic Functions Sep 18: Online Homework 4 due Sep 19: 2.3, Linear Approximation Sep 20: No quiz Sep 21: 4.1, Extreme Values and Optimization
6 Sep 24: First Midterm Sep 25: No homework due Sep 26: 4.2, 4.3, Graph Sketching, Mean Value Theorem Sep 27: Quiz in Section (based on Q5) Sep 28: 4.4, Applied Optimization
7 Oct 1: 5.1, 5.2, Definite Integral Oct 2: Online Homework 5 due Oct 3: 5.3, 5.4, Definite Integral Oct 4: Quiz in Section (based on Q6) Oct 5: 7.1, Indefinite Integral
8 Oct 8: 5.5, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Oct 9: Online Homework 6 due Oct 10: 5.5, Fundamental Theorem of Calculus Oct 11: Quiz in Section (based on Q7) Oct 12: 7.2, Integration by Substitution, 6.1, Average Value
9 Oct 15: 7.4, Integration by Parts Oct 16: Online Homework 7 due Oct 17: 7.3, Improper Integrals Oct 18: Quiz in Section (based on Q8) Oct 19: Vectors in the Plane
10 Oct 22: Vectors in Three Dimensions Oct 23: Online Homework 8 due Oct 24: Dot Product Oct 25: Quiz in Section (based on Q9) Oct 26: Planes in Three Dimensions
11 Oct 29: 9.1, 9.2, Functions of Two or Three Variables Oct 30: Online Homework 9 due Oct 31: 9.3, Partial Derivatives Nov 1: No quiz Nov 2: Second Midterm
12 Nov 5: 9.4, Partial Derivatives Nov 6: No Homework due Nov 7: 9.4, Differentiability and Tangent Planes Nov 8: Quiz in Section (based on Q10) Nov 9: Gradient and Directional Derivatives
13 Nov 12: Gradient and Directional Derivatives Nov 13: Online Homework 10 due Nov 14: 9.5, Optimization Nov 15: Quiz in Section (based on Q11) Nov 16: 9.5, Optimization
14 Nov 19: 9.6, Lagrange Multipliers Nov 20: Online Homework 11 due Nov 21: No class (Thanksgiving) Nov 22: No class (Thanksgiving) Nov 23: No class (Thanksgiving)
15 Nov 26: Double Integrals Nov 27: Online Homework 12 due Nov 28: Triple Integrals Nov 29: Quiz in Section (based on Q12) Nov 30: Review of Course (last day of class)

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