Course: MATH-UA 326, Analysis 2
Prerequisite: MATH-UA 325, Analysis 1, or permission of instructor.
Course Content: Functions of several variables. Limits and continuity. Partial Derivatives. The implicit function theorem. Transformation of multiple integrals. The Riemann integral and its extensions.
Last update: 16 May 2013

Instructor: Antti Knowles, knowles(at-sign)
Lecture Meeting Time/Location: Tuesday and Thursday, 330PM-445PM, WWH 202
TA: Steven Heilman, heilman(at-sign)
TA Office Hours: 200PM-330PM Fridays. Also 100PM-300PM Mondays. WWH 1108.
Recitation Meeting Time/Location: Friday, 330PM-445PM, WWH 202, (changed from previous location)
Recommeneded Textbook (not required): Advanced Calculus of Several Variables, C. H. Edwards
Other Textbooks: Calculus on Manifolds, M. Spivak; Principles of Mathematical Analysis, W. Rudin
Main Course Website: here. NYU access required
Final Exam: Thursday, May 16, 400PM-550PM, WWH 202
Other Resources: T. Tao, Honors Analysis 2, Week 7Honors Analysis, Weeks 9 and 10Problem Solving Strategies in Analysis
    T. Austin, Analysis II, Notes on the Inverse Function Theorem
    How to Write Mathematical Arguments
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